Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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                                    2524 Sarah Street 
                                            South Side,
                                  Pittsburgh, Pa 15203

I am proud to say that the Pittsburgh Witches Ball has hit a milestone …
"Nine" years and growing pains aside, we got the iron out, and plan to take 2017 by storm…
1.) We have an awesome team that has grown in ranks …
2.) We have a date for the Witches Ball / November 4th, 2017
3.) We have a new prize mistress / prizes will handed out no latter 9:30 PM
4.) We have a new set time of the doors opening 6PM
5.) We have a pledge food will be served 6 PM & new kitchen staff formed...

6.) We have a new hall & it is in South Side ( Pittsburgh proper ), a parking garage two blocks away & handicapped at the venue, coat check exct. …
7.) No live animals will be permitted in the building unless a service animal
8.) We will have a little gift pack that will be done correctly and will be placed on tables at the Witches Ball, only fifty so get there early …

Now last but not least, the theme & The Wild Hunt

"New Website"

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Brightest of Blessing from all of us here at The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society

The Pittsburgh Witches Ball
Sponsor Us
Eight years but who is counting ? We have achieved what has been next to impossible. In these eight year we have brought in top entertainment and made headlines from The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, KDKA News, Pitt Universality News, and Carnegie Mellon Tartan.
Now with an attendance of 300 and ready take it to the next level. But this requires resources and community. We like to ask you for that help. How can you help ? Glad you asked;
1) Even attendees can get involved, get 2017 & 2018 tickets for a savings, the $110.00 let's do it again deal, four tickets at a $10.00 dollar savings, we don't know what the 2018 tickets will be priced at but your locked in with the $110.00 let's do it again...
2) Even local restaurants can be a apart make a dish for 350 guest and we will have you on our website as a sponsor, named on posters ...
3) Business more details coming

4) We will bring back the program,  an all new revamp program 

We want a new website and launch the new non profit but we need donations & you. We are also open to suggestions & offers, so hit us up let us know.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sunday October 29th, 2017 is the last day to purchase tickets online... "GET THEM NOW"

Save Paypal fees send money order to 822 Spring St, Pittsburgh PA 15104, $30.00 Adult Ticket, $8.00 Children Ticket ages 5-12 add a dollar for postage ...

 Tickets @ door limited, and more expensive, Children tickets @ door is $12, ages to twelve
Adults tickets @ door $40 cash & $41.50 credit card  
"MUST" have ID for the cash bar ... 

Adult Ticket

Number of Tickets

Children Ticket ages 1 through 12

Number of Tickets

Sponsoring the event ...


Sparkledragon's Magical Emporium
2120 Broadway Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
(412) 657-0030

Debbie's Heavenly Scents
569 Lincoln Avenue
Bellevue, PA 15202

Elemental Magick
521 Broad St
Sewickley, PA 15143
(412) 741-1428

KS Kennedy Distinctive Floral


848 Western Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
North Side (412) 322-7673 


Saturday, January 26, 2013

The first fifty guest through the door receives a gift bag, treasure that been selected by the Inner Circle of The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society ... 


Monday, May 14, 2012

Altar at the Witches Ball

We will have an altar at the Witches Ball, on the altar we will honor our dearly departed, we encourage all to bring photo's of those loved ones who are no longer, even ashes, feather friend, four legged and the like ... Please ask staff to place items on the altar...
"This was the lovely stage & altar at the Witches Ball that started them all"
We will honor those that we lost this year in the community, we will dedicate the Witches Ball to them...

What to wear to the ball

What to wear to the Witches Ball?
We suggest your best Witchy Wear or Costume.
"This Is A Masquarade Ball"
But "Please" no green Witches with warts, Devils, Cheesy Vampires, or Birthday suits...
"Yes" we will be giving out prizes for best costume 
( Renzy Shade has become the prize mistress ).
"Also no flame throwers, swords, axes or weapons of mass destruction"
"We reserve the right to throw anyone out without a refund"

Thursday, May 12, 2011

{ video is the fabulous Reclaiming Community of Northern California & shows the actual Spiral Dance... }

Witches Ball of the past fill our memories and we honor those that Pittsburgh has seen and look forward yet to come. We of The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society are proud to bring you a Witches Ball filled with surprise and splendor, and promise as the years go by we will pour our hearts and spirits into seeing our gatherings grow and creating more beauty and togetherness with each passing event. Here in 2015 we will bringing you memorable treasures like
Brian Henke, Troubadors of Divine Bliss, Virginia Ackley
 This is the time of year to celebrate the new honor the past and remember those that have passed. This is the Witches New Year. It is the beginning and the end to the wheel of the year. The word Samhain comes from Celtic tradition for this time of the year, but there are as many names as there are faiths and histories. Ossa Dei Morti, is Italian for Bones of the Dead or, Dia de los Muertos, the Spanish Day of the Dead. There are hundreds of celebrations among Pagans for honoring of the dead and the recognition of this night when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and we have the opportunity to commune with those which have gone before.
We will have people from all walks of life attending the Witches Ball, from all faiths & practices, even those who are agnostic. This an open event. We will have a full blown ritual at Midnight, if you do not feel like joining the circle that is fine, nobody is required to take part in the ritual. Also we are going to do a traditional Spiral Dance. "No there will be no nudity or  at the event" we also be respecting all in recovery, keeping it totally legal, clothing wise wear them ...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society Network, "New"website...